Take the Pledge

Today we’re thrilled to support Pledge 1% — a corporate philanthropy movement — as it announces its launch into the UK this week.

As an early member and one of the first European companies to join the Pledge, we encourage even more of our neighbours to help drive innovation in their communities around the globe — small and big, vibrant and talented, diverse and curious.

We have pledged 1% of our computer kits, 1% of equity and 1% of our time each year in an effort to give back. We see this as an invaluable opportunity for us and others to make the impact that powered our Kickstarter days. We’re excited about a world where anyone, anywhere can make and play with technology. This isn’t a “skill” for privileged nerds; it’s a new tool of expression.

Founded by Atlassian, the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado, Rally and [Salesforce.org](http://salesforce.org/), Pledge 1% empowers companies to donate 1% of product, 1% of equity and 1% of employee time to improve communities around the world.

To take the Pledge or to learn more about the organisation, visit our friends at http://pledge1percent.org/

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