Raspberry Pi 3 – All you need to know, projects, specs and excitement!

Computing is getting cheaper, simpler, and more open. The Raspberry Pi has been at the forefront, and today, we’re proud to reveal their latest invention together: the new Raspberry Pi 3 is here!

It’s a $35 quad core computer-on-a-chip with WiFi and Bluetooth onboard.

Thanks to the incredible people over at Raspberry Pi Foundation and Farnell/Element 14, we’ve been playing around with Raspberry Pi 3 this week and wanted to share just how much of a step forward we think this board is.

So let’s take a look at what’s new…

  • 64 bit 1.2GHz quad Cortex A53 processor, with 1GB or ram, 50% performance uplift over Pi 2
  • VideoCore IV Graphics Processor at a rapid 400 mhz as opposed to the pi 2’s 250 mhz
  • Onboard 802.11n Wireless LAN and Bluetooth

If you want to be one of the first people in the world to get a Raspberry Pi 3, then head over to the Kano website, where a limited quantity is waiting for you, inside our computer and coding Kit for all ages.

What can the Raspberry Pi 3 actually do? Here are some projects!

We’ve been playing around with the board for about a week and we’ve got a bunch of things we are excited about:

There’s now an optional experimental GL desktop driver, which means that all the graphics are rendered in the GPU instead in the CPU. Look how smoothly Quake runs on Raspberry Pi 3! Speed helps when you’re on survival mode.

Speaking of survival mode, we’ve been really excited to test out Minecraft and, without promising too much, it looks like… full Minecraft might be a possibility in the future! There’s redstone and animals and you can finally play on survival mode. Surely, the wizards at Microsoft and Mojang will have more to say on this, so make sure to keep your ears and eyes open! It would be an incredible achievement to get full Minecraft on a PC the cost of a few lattes.

Got ideas for what you want to build with Raspberry Pi 3? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook. With incredible props to Pi, Farnell/Element 14, Microsoft, Mojang, the Debian community and the open source software & hardware movement, the PC is changing. It’s getting more personal and free. So, don’t take technology for granted. Take a peek inside, join the creative computing movement and let’s build something incredible together.

Here are some Raspberry Pi 3 projects that you could try—and you’d truly be the first one in the world to do so!

If you are in the UK and would like to be one of the first 500 people in the world to get a Raspberry Pi 3, head over to the Kano website—while stocks last! If you’re based outside the UK then you can still pre-order over at kano.me.

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