Make Your Computer Talk

Did you know you can make your computer talk? We have included a special program called espeak in Kano OS, it will let you control its voice. This is called a text-to-speech program.

To get started, follow the steps in this video to play with espeak.

It is always fun to teach your computer how to act like a human. You can trick your friends into thinking your computer is alive! If you were a computer, what sorts of things would you want to say to your human friends? Let your imagination go wild!

To start try using the basic espeak commands like this:

espeak i am a computer!

You can make it talk super fast!

espeak -s 300 "I am as fast as a cheetah"

Humans have been trying to make machines talk for a long time. You can watch a video of Voder--the first talking machine from 1939--right here:

Back then, these machines cost thousands of dollars and required experts to use. Now you can make sounds that are even more realistic, all from your very own computer!

So. How does it work? It's easy!

First, the machine breaks up each word into little sounds. Can you try saying your name really slowly? Do you hear how there are several little building blocks of sound?

Second, humans teach the machine how to make each little sound.

Finally, it puts it all together! It puts together one sound after the other.

If you want, you can see the list of sounds that the computer is going to make. Try typing:

espeak --IPA "your words here"

Each of those letters represents one sound that the computer can make.

Thanks for following along, good luck trying to fool your friends and family into thinking your computer is alive!

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