Make a Pumpkin Scream-ometer

It’s that mischievous time of year when the ghouls rule and pumpkins long to be carved into spooky creations. But we have an idea to make your pumpkin even scarier with the infamous Pumpkin Scream-ometer: the first jack-o-lantern powered by screams (or evil laughter). Ready? Then warm up your voice and let’s start carving and coding!

☝️Watch the video to see how to use a Kano Pixel Kit to make a Pumpkin Scream-ometer. You’ll be playing with loops, variables and sound!

Draw a spooky picture on your pumpkin. We made ours into a scary poop emoji, but you can carve any image you want.

Carve your design so the light can show through.

Now, code your Pixel Kit to react to sound, using the microphone part.

There are a couple of ways to code the Scream-ometer. Watch this video ☝️ and follow the steps. Or click on the images below to see the code. Can you work out what it’s doing? Why not try remixing the colors and sound levels to make it your own?

Scream-ometer Code V1 - gets brighter the louder you scream. See the code

Scream-ometer Code V2 - gets brighter the longer and louder you scream. See the code

The best way to test the Scream-ometer is to scream as you code 😄. (Cool Tip: You could also try coding your Pixel Kit while it sits inside the pumpkin, and watch it light up and change colors as you add code).

Place the Pixel Kit into your pumpkin.

Scream to make it glow brighter!

More spooky coding

There are loads of other scary step-by-step coding challenges to complete on Kano World. Have fun!

What is the Pixel Kit?

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