Hacking Minecraft with your coding powers

New coding powers for makers of all ages.

Our new operating system, Kano OS: Lovelace, comes jam-packed with amazing new apps and coding powers. The new Hack Minecraft combines the fun of Minecraft with super-charged coding powers!

Designed for makers of all ages to create, not just just consume, technology, Hack Minecraft lets you build your own digital playground – using your own code!

Code your own Minecraft powers###

With simple steps, you’ll learn to build spiral staircases in the air, and make giant pyramids sprout from the ground. Instant shelters (you bet), teleporting (yep), explodable TNT blocks (boom!) – you can unlock all of these powers while learning code.

How does it work?

You learn to code powers step by step.

Before creating your new power, you’ll choose a key from your keyboard. When you finish coding, that key will trigger the power whenever you press it. For example, you can use the S key to make instant shelters pop up whenever you need them.

If you want to use your powers again, you just trigger each one with a single button!

Poof! You have a home!

Using your new coding powers you can build cities in minutes, or dig huge holes in the ground in the blink of an eye… no more building and building and building the same thing over and over.

Then hit the Playground and create your own powers with coding blocks and a little imagination.

Plus lots and lots of explodable TNT...did we mention that?

Why Hack Minecraft?

The most sophisticated learn-to-code with Minecraft option available, Hack Minecraft is exclusive to the Computer Kit.

Hack Minecraft gives you the world you love, with added superpowers that take your experience past the next level, and beyond.

Learn code and have fun with Minecraft, all in one.

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