• Powerful next-gen PC.
  • Studio of apps: coding, design, 3D modeling, and more.
  • Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) equity investment in Kano.
  • Better, longer-lasting tech for economies in recovery.
  • Japan and Middle East expansion, as at-home learning surges.

LONDON, REDMOND, and TOKYO — JULY 14, 2020 — Kano today began worldwide sales of its next-generation Kano PC, a beautiful, buildable, and powerful educational computer.

A recent partnership with Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and investment has fueled Kano, at a time when laptop sales are up more than 50 percent year over year.

Now available for $299 and developed over more than 12,000 hours of testing, the Kano PC is designed for the next generation of computing:

  • Open Design:  The Kano PC’s sturdy, modular parts increase device lifetime.
  • Status lights shine through the transparent machine, demystifying what’s inside.
  • Its large 11.6” touchscreen withstands a steel ball dropped from six feet. All the parts click into the back.
  • Creative Learning: Kano PC’s software suite of apps for Windows 10 opens up design, coding, 3D modeling, and more to all ages. The Windows Start Menu populates with creative projects and tutorial videos. Windows privacy and family safety tools come as standard. Teachers have a year of curriculum available.
  • Power: The 2-in-1 device now performs better than many more expensive laptops in independent NovaBench testing. This is the first affordable computer that can be upgraded, rather than thrown away.

The Kano PC delivers modern skills for the “entry price” of a PC alone. New educational standards worldwide haven’t come with new government funding. Part of Kano’s solution is to provide a device that in and of itself delivers creative and technical learning.

"The Education sector is undergoing massive change enabled by technology, and our collaboration with Kano is truly advancing the vision of "technology for all,” said Jordan Chrysafidis, General Manager, Worldwide Education Device Sales, Microsoft. “Together we are delivering high quality, accessible and affordable Windows-based devices, combined with customized curriculum that teaches design, coding, 3D modeling and more, that enables Kano users to become digital creators."

Kano’s Software Studio onboard connects computing to practical projects, history, and the arts. The device runs full Windows 10 with custom educational tools, out of the box.

“The new Kano PC is coming out at a crucial time,“ said Alex Klein, Cofounder & CEO of Kano. “We believe in a better future. The team at Microsoft shares our optimism. Together we make technology that opens minds and sparks creation, not just consumption.”

"The current climate has generated high demand for affordable technology and devices, as governments rally to enable home learning scenarios for pupils and students,” said Adris Ahmed, Channel Lead, Device Partner Solution Sales, Microsoft UK & Ireland. “Kano is well positioned to help with this demand. Their highly differentiated proposition combines a unique device that enables children to build elements themselves whilst reducing e-waste, all complemented with exclusive software, services, and curriculum.”

The device is also far more sustainable than most laptops. A third of schools throw out rather than fix devices - even if only one part of the computer - most commonly the battery, keyboard or speaker - has aged. Computers and IT produce 3.5 million tons of e-waste worldwide every year, according to the UN and TheWorldCounts. In the US alone, schools spend more than $3.78 billion each year on new devices, which could easily be repaired, with one click.

Kano is also now shipping the PC into Japan, where the government is buying more than three million devices of all kinds for every child in 2020, as at-home learning surges. As Microsoft’s new OEM partner, Kano will be competing with the largest OEMs worldwide for these units. In the UAE, Kano is working to distribute the device with the Private Office of Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum.

"We designed, together with kids and adults, a simple, transparent and powerful computer, along with a rich suite of bespoke accessories that would be functional, educational - and warm," said Bruno Schillinger, Lead Product Designer at Kano.

The Kano PC is now available for order – click here – and through Best Buy, on the Kano website, and at Microsoft Stores online. Kano PCs will appear in-store at Best Buy locations across the US and Canada shortly after reopening later in July.

About Kano

Kano is the leader in innovation in hardware and software, designing and developing products for the next generation of computing. Kano invented the first make-your-own computer for all ages, the Kano Computer Kit, in 2014. The product established what became known as the “STEM” category, and launched with the most-crowdfunded ed-tech campaign ever. Since then, Kano has reached millions of people worldwide through its products and online platform, described by WIRED as "the GitHub for kids." Kano software teaches 21st-century skills, like coding and design, through stories and games. Kano has created collaborative content and products with Star Wars, Harry Potter, Frozen, Minecraft, and others.

Kano has won multiple Red Dot, Cannes Gold Lion, and Innovation by Design Awards, first-ever two-year sequential TIME Best Invention Awards, and many more. In 2019, Fast Company magazine selected Kano as the second-most innovative company in consumer electronics worldwide - and the 24th most innovative overall. Most recently, Kano joined forces with Microsoft to create a powerful, transparent, affordable, and modular Windows computer – the Kano PC, designed specifically for 21st-century learning. Look inside its studio here: https://about.kano.me/

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A third of schools don’t repair devices, just replace them, causing landfill waste and budget constraint – even if only one part of the computer has aged. (The top three most common: battery, keyboard, and speaker.) Replaceable parts reduce waste for the classroom, and the planet.

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Kano’s Software Studio connects computing to practical projects, history, and the arts. Kano PC runs Windows 10 with custom learning tools, out of the box. (Pac-Man remix by Kano member, UniqueTracks2)

Built-in video lessons allow modern ways of thinking, like programming and design, to deliver classic curriculum subjects.

Kano PC Accessories – Webcam, Headphones, Mouse – Modular and customizable

Three mode webcam - Macro, Privacy, 1080p – $29.99

Accessories work with Kano PC and all PCs

Optical Mouse - $29.99

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