Kano Partner Highlights: St. Joseph's Academy

Hi again Kanobees!

Taylor from Kano here and I would like to share with ya'll another school doing amazing work with Kano Computers. I spoke with students at St. Joseph's Academyin Baton Rouge, Louisiana who are using Kano Computers to promote activism and address the digital divide in their local and global community.

St. Joseph's Academy is an all-girl high school that believes in educating young women to be the leaders of the future.

They have done this by promoting technology through a one-to-one program where every student has a laptop. They have gone an extra step though and created a student run Help Desk, a warranty repair shop where the girls learn to diagnosis and repair all the school laptops.

In turn, the school is helping to develop young women who are driven, leaders, and pretty tech savvy.

St. Joseph's over the years has also sent a lot of their help desk employees to countries all over the world to build computer labs and promote technology education in countries like Mexico, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, India, and South Africa.

The help desk acquired 20 Kano Kits to donate to schools they would be working with abroad. Some of those countries include: Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, and Peru.

I spoke with John Richardson, Co-Director of Technology, on why they brought Kano on these technology trips.

"At one point you have the need for just devices - the actual space and computers. But there also is a need for knowledge and understanding. At SJA we want our girls to diagnosis and fix their own laptops and we want to share that mindset and skills with the other communities we work with around the world. Kano allows that by letting kids build a computer themselves and then code it, hack it, to make it their own."

Good luck to the SJA students traveling to share their tech skills with the world and we are excited at Kano to see what other work they will do in the future.

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