Discover how your computer works with Story Mode

Discover the secrets of your Raspberry Pi.

Story Mode is an adventure! Travel through the world of the Raspberry Pi with your customizable character. As you make your way around the map, you’ll learn about circuits, HDMI, electricity, sound and many other components of a real computer.

Take on quests, unlock hidden knowledge and help the citizens – discover HD Hill, Logic Lake, the Museum of Make Art and Power Port. Find out how technology really works through exploration and play.

You may stumble upon the Logic School, where others like you are becoming masters in the art of code, search for the corrupted room, dance to sound waves at the sound port or overhear an argument about the best coding style in the Coffee Script cafe. You might even get interviewed by a Judoka film crew!

From dashboard to apps, story mode guides you there!

Not only is Story Mode an engaging way to learn about technology and level up your computer powers, it’s also a portal into the best apps and challenges in Kano.

You can access Make Pong, Make Snake, Hack Minecraft and design your own sounds from the portals in Story Mode. Complete the Kano apps challenges, level up and explore your computer from the inside out…

Explore, learn and play!

At Kano, we want everyone to, create, not just consume, technology. Story Mode blends play and experimentation with discovery and learning.

Story Mode is exclusive to the computer kit, but you can explore other Kano features for a taste of the experience here.

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