Demystifying technology buzzwords: Pt. 1

These days we are bombarded with buzzwords: "AI is now making art", "thanks to Big Data is now possible to explore the human genome", "Pokemon Go becomes the future of entertainment thanks to Augmented Reality".

But what do these words mean?

We've taken some of the buzzwords people ask us about and turned them into beautifully illustrated, one-shot cards.

Without further ado, here are the first five of the hottest technology buzzwords, Kano-style.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence - A computer program that has been taught to think for Itself. A.I is being used in self-driving cars, computers that play chess and to make art
Curious about AI? Check out how driverless cars work, or this AI that makes art.

Who uses Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality - A.R adds live filters to the real world. Catching Pokémon in the park, finding train stations in a city or putting cat ears on your selfie.
Augmented Reality was at the heart of 2016's running-around-the-streets-craziness... Pokemon Go! Some stores also use it to help you better understand, and play with, their products.

Where is Big Data?

Big Data - Billions of people make decisions online, most of these decisions are recorded, and are used to find patterns and trends in behaviour.
You interact with Big Data almost daily – it powers recommendation engines (like Amazon's "You might be interested in..." or Netflix "More like...") when shopping online or watching videos. Big Data is also being applied to cities, making them smarter .

What does The Cloud do?

Cloud Computing - The Cloud is made of servers all over the world, connected by the internet. It keeps your files safe in case your computer breaks.
Cloud Computing helps make the Internet stable. It keeps files safe, and also stores programs and apps like Photoshop, so you don't need a hard-copy on disk or USB. It also becomes essential when tens of thousands of people want to buy tickets for their favorite band online, at the same time.

What are Cookies for?

Cookies - When you visit a website, a little text file is saved to your computer. This is a cookie! It helps the website know if you've been there before
You see that little "Warning: this site contains cookies" message pop up everywhere because they are mandatory. They save your information so you don't have to keep telling websites who you are. They are not edible – fact.

We've also turned these gorgeous illustrations into a FREE poster you can download and print.

Come back next week for five more buzzwords explained.

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