Code your own gift wrapping paper and more! New Holiday challenges added to Kano code.

Hi Kano fans!

Keeping up with the free, biweekly releases of new challenges and tutorials on Kano Code we are happy to introduce the first batch of Holiday-themed projects.

These 4 projects are now available right here and allow you to enjoy the holiday and learn to code at the same time. Let's have a look at them:

Code tree

Very straightforward, code your own Christmas tree. Randomly generate branches, so every tree is different from the previous one. Change the shape, add baubles and decide the look of your holiday decor.

Robo wrapper

With so many gifts to wrap during the holidays is always cool to have your own wrapping paper. This challenge let's you code your own wrapping paper pattern and then save it to your computer. Take it to the printer so you can use it with your gifts!

Snow day

Check the weather for snow alerts and get notified on the screen if it does. Because we all like to make the most out of the season!

Sound hat

Make a hat that reacts to sound. Control the bobble on the top acts as microphone and the hat will change colors depending on how loud you are.

Want to try them out? Check Kano Code right now!

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