Back to School with Kano

Live Hacking Make Art in Florida!

We’re so lucky at Kano HQ when we get the opportunity to speak to inspiring educators. We beamed into superstar teacher Michael Luetjen’s classroom and watched his students hack the Kano Make Art App to code their school logo, the Pine Crest Panthers. Michael’s students are eager to solve problems, and he gives them Kano stickers when they complete coding challenges. They’re so excited to build, make and play with their Kanos. Thank you, Michael, for inspiring us all!

Find more cool Make Art creations here:

Creative puppetry in San Francisco!

Our aim at Kano is to champion in our community the creativity that inspires and drives us here at HQ. So we were thrilled when the incredible Sam Patterson sent us this video showcasing the impact of Kano in his learning spaces. Sam, along with his puppet Wokka, takes a novel approach to describing how his students’ focus on coding helps transform them into independent learners.

We’d love to hear from more of you in our educator community on the impact Kano is having with your learners.

Get in touch with us at for your feedback and stories!

Kano teams up with the Institute of Imagination

Kano is excited to be located right in the heart of innovation and technology here in London. Our partner Institute of Imagination (IOI) exemplifies this spirit; they provide immersive experiences that harness creativity and empower young people to see their imagination as limitless.

Kano recently teamed up with IOI for their takeover of City Hall, the Mayor’s Office, in London. On their Kanos, kids used Scratch and Make Music to code an original song and dance. (LINK?) IOI’s Director of Development, Jennifer Coleman expressed the alignment between her organization’s vision and Kano’s: “Kano not only helps kids understand how to build a computer but also hack it and show the world what’s in their head! Kano develops skills to take you anywhere.”

The Institute of Imagination is partnering with Kano to make sure that children from a young age are given the opportunity to explore, to build 21st century skills in creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration, and importantly, to get excited about learning new things. Together, we’re preparing young people for jobs that don’t yet exist.

We’re excited to be a part of that.

Back to School Offers

Educators exclusive: For the first time, we’re offering packs of our powerful LED lightboards that connect to your Raspberry Pis. Anyone can code amazing light displays using real Javascript, with simple Kano tutorials. The pack costs $300 for 10 lightboards––that’s over 50% off of the original price! Email for more information!

As part of our Education Community, your purchase of over 5 Kano Complete kits will be 20% off until the end of October. Equip your after school coding club or makerspace, or stack your library cart. We’ll support your program design.

Use discount code: EDUBacktoSchool at checkout for your discount.

Kano works on Connect Home Initiative

As part of the Obama administration’s ConnectHome initiative, Kano has teamed up with partners including EveryoneOn, GitHub, Best Buy, and Boys and Girls Club to provide digital literacy training and devices, along with internet access to over 275,000 low-come households and 28 communities in the US. Watch this video to learn about the impact.

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