A Laptop Anyone Can Make

Curious minds of all ages...

Today, we're excited to introduce the successor to the record-breaking Computer and Screen Kits, the all-in-one Computer Kit Complete, available for preorder at $249.99. Check it out.

"If you want to introduce a child to technology without the slightest chance of turning him or her into a screen potato, you need to know about Kano" - FastCompany

This kit is a Raspberry Pi-powered, powerful, creative laptop you build yourself like LEGO. It comes with hundreds of creative challenges that get you coding right away.

The Computer Kit Complete introduces a range of new elements to the well-known Computer Kit, see below.

  • It has a battery, which you assemble yourself.
  • Adds a power circuit, with pluggable pins.
  • Comes with a sound sensor, that detects voices, pitch, and volume.
  • Provides you with a USB hub, that lets you hook up more sensors, like the Motion Sensor Kit.
  • New software, with sound, art, Unix, JavaScript, and online projects.

First, you build your own laptop with a step-by-step storybook, learning how batteries, sensors, speakers, and USB boards work.

Then you start making art, games, and apps in real programming languages like Javascript and Python, leveling up slowly from blocks to text.

This new kit comes with a battery, so you can use it at home or on the go, and includes a sensor to record and remix sound.

The Computer Kit Complete is powered by Kano OS, a family-friendly educational operating system for beginners of all ages.

It doubles as powerful DIY PC too, with apps like YouTube, WhatsApp, Google Maps and Wikipedia.

It also comes with our suite of fan-favorite creative computing applications, like Hack Minecraft, Make Art, Terminal Quest and Story Mode. Here coding is used as means to a creative end, not just for coding’s sake.

And of course, it works right off the bat with the Pixel Kit and Motion Sensor Kit.

Intrigued? Let's go.

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