10 Ways The Computer Kit Helps You Win The Holidays

Holidays are here, it's a fact. On one of the busier time of the year we spend lots of time sorting out presents and thinking: Will they like them?

With so many choices, we thought you would appreciate a bit of help. Here's a list of why the Kano Computer Kit will help you win the holidays so you become the cool auntie or uncle, the mom or dad who came home with an unforgettable experience. A spark for a lifelong passion. The definitive tool to unleash their creativity.

1. Rave reviews.

From the press:

The Guardian - "What he's doing, though he doesn't know it, is coding. He can do this because Kano has made it instinctive".

Wired - “Many have tried and failed to create a winning educational computer for kids. Kano cracks that nut, and does so in genius fashion”.

VentureBeat - "Filling the gaps between different levels of coding”.

Fortune - “Kano’s simple make-your-own computer kit is an easy way to get kids interested in learning about coding and computers”.

Forbes - “The most unique option for your kids to learn to code. Everything your kids need to build their own computer”.

And from our customers:

The nitpicker - "kids can use it to follow and expand their own passions... music, gaming, animation, hacking.... Just fantastic".

Jason - "as a techie myself I can see the benefits of the Kano and the way it teaches children to code is brilliant. The Kano is great idea and I can't recommend it enough".

David Dryden - "I started computing in 1979 on a DEC10 mainframe using paper tape to play moon lander! I have been involved in IT ever since and wanted something to help my grandchildren ( 7 and 3) understand how their ipads work. Kano is superb and my grandson and I built it and the screen together. The adventure begins!"

2. It’s a working computer!!!

As the name implies, the Computer Kit is indeed, a computer (heh). This pocket-sized machine comes with its own keyboard and is powered by a blazing-fast Raspberry Pi 3, as powerful as an iPhone 5. With all this power you can totally watch funny cat videos on YouTube, check the Internet, listen to music on Spotify, have Kodi as Media Center or play retro games with EmulationStation. You can also use web applications like Google Docs to do the homework, but that's the boring bit. Exactly as a regular computer with a full Linux OS, at a fraction of the cost, plus it looks pretty great.

3. Backed by brilliant minds.

Casual Monday...learning how to build a computer in under 10minutes. NBD 🤓👊🏼💻 @teamkano

Una foto publicada por Karlie Kloss (@karliekloss) el

4. Loved by hundreds of educators.

The Computer Kit is an educational tool being used by schools, programs and code clubs as part of their toolset to introduce kids and adults to coding and other subjects. For example, in Amana Academy they use it to teach other subjects like music, history and maths too. When you gift a Computer Kit you are not only giving a great present to unwrap and play with, you’re giving the gift of a better future. Not sure about whether or not those 139 extra miniature cars will be helpful for their future? Yeah, us neither.

5. Comes with hours and hours (and hours!) of code challenges.

The Computer Kit works with Kano OS. This friendly Operating System created by Kano allows you to make art, music and apps. It also lets you discover how a computer works with programs like Terminal Quest and Story Mode. It comes with more than 150 hours of code challenges, tutorials and projects straight out of the box, which probably beats the average use of your maybe-not-so-popular present from last season. Sorry about that.

6. Includes a hackable version of of Minecraft!

Let’s not forget about the fun bit. The Computer Kit comes with Minecraft, the super popular building game that almost everyone knows and loves. With Kano you get access to a very special version of Minecraft that you can play, but also hack with computer code, so you can learn whilst playing. It’s like being a wizard, able to use magic powers within the game!

7. It´s a ticket into a worldwide community.

Every Computer Kit can be linked to the kid-friendly, online community Kano World, where more than 19 million lines of codes have been shared so far! Add your creations, see what others are doing with their Computer Kits. You can even take their creations and edit them, making them your own. You’ll never found yourself short of ideas because there is always something happening.

8. It’s fully supported by Kano and will always be.

Having any issues? You can reach out to our Customer Care and they will solve them in a whim. Short of ideas for projects? Our blog is updated regularly with new content, challenges and tutorials. Our Operating System is constantly evolving and being updated with new features and things to do. We've been around since 2013, demystifying technology, updating our Computer Kit and making it faster, more powerful. We're here to support you all the way through, not just for the holidays.

9. You empower young makers with low-cost tools

1% of Kano equity is set aside to our not-for-profit effort Kano Academy. Through this program we work in bringing open and affordable making devices to places in need. Kano is proudly supporting these causes and we feel this definitely deserves to be on this list.

10. Proven in the real world.

A funny thing we’ve discovered thanks to Lego is that building your own things is a great experience. We take this aspect very seriously because there is a lot of fun on knowing how a computer works and building it by yourself! The Computer Kit has been chosen by more than 100.000 households worldwide and is empowering people to see what’s inside and create with technology, not just consume it.

Convinced? You can read more about and purchase the Computer Kit here.

Team Kano.

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