10 reasons why the Pixel Kit is awesome

The [Pixel Kit is now available](Pixel Kit is available for $79.99)! Let's go through some of its features... so far, people think it's pretty awesome.

1. You can make crazy Pixel Art

Play with 16 million colors using the Pixel Kit's 128 RGB LEDs... they also make it perfect for pixel art! You can also see what some of the world's best pixel artists are making with 16 x 8 pixels below. Get inspired.

2. You get a big sense of pride

First build it, just like LEGO. Then make animations, games, art, and apps. Learn about technology, with friends or by yourself.

My daughter was telling strangers that she wanted to be a computer engineer after we completed building the Kano kit. - GoGoGadget

3. Make, learn and play with a community

Get access to a community of creators just like you with Pixel Kit and Kano App. Wondering how they created that crazy animation or made that fantastic game? Just click on it to view the code. Then tinker or remix the code to make the creation your own. Learn by playing and breaking someone else's masterpiece... click on remix and go!

4. Demystifies technology

Read the story book and learn about LED diodes, how color theory works and much more. Explore and understand what lies behind the sealed screens of your everyday devices.

5. Lifetime support

Any questions, concerns or suggestions? Our Customer Care team is here to help. Get in touch at any time if you experience any issues. We've solved hairy cases before...

6. Works with any computer

The Pixel Kit connects to any Windows, Mac or Kano Computer Kit. Just download the Kano app, boot it up, and you're ready to go.

7. Play with real-world data

Connect your projects with weather data, auto-scroll through the news, flash an animation when your favorite team scores, or track the International Space Station as it orbits the Earth. Bring the real world into the Pixel Kit with simple-to-learn and powerful-to-use coding elements.

Make your own weather station
Track The International Space Station

8. An inspiring way to get into coding

Control your Pixel Kits with blocks of code, similar to other coding environments for beginners โ€“ like Scratch. At the same time, use the Javascript inspector to see the code you made translated into a real-world coding language.

Switch between blocks and Javascript inspector at any time

The Pixel Kit is great for iterative learning. I asked my son if he could create a little animation for me to best show off the kitโ€™s capabilities. He wanted to build a variation on his countdown timer, and decided the best way to show off the kitโ€™s prowess was to add in a random light function at the end. - GeekDad

9. Makes a great gift

The Pixel Kit is just $79.99. Make games, colorful cartoons, music visualizers, talking faces, weather alert apps, news tickers and much more. Learn to code through creativity and fun.

The Pixel Kit is one of the most friendly and least intimidating pieces of technology I've encountered - ZDNET

10. Turn sound into light

The Pixel Kit includes a microphone โ€“ use sound as part of your creations. Make music visualizers, and talking faces that mimic your voice as you speak. Use sound to control colors, make voice-enabled games, clap to show a clock and much more.

Mondrian, powered by sound

"It will delight and entertain, nurturing creativity in a way that outclasses most educational apps and physical computing sets." - Engadget

Build the Pixel Kit โ€“ follow a simple story book. Learn how to connect the buttons and bits, and how LEDs, batteries and RGB color work. Get a better understanding of the technology behind our everyday sealed screens, and how they actually work.

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